Nipawin Food Store - Celebrating 15 Years!
January 3, 2020

Our Nipawin Food Store is celebrating their 15 year Anniversary with a Grocery List Challenge event!

In the Grocery List Challenge, each finalist will be given a specific list of 10 items in a sealed envelope.  Finalists will need to shop for these items and bring them to the till.  The first finalist to bring all 10 correct items to the till will be the winner.


  1. First Place  $500 Co-op Gift Card
  2. Second Place  $300 Co-op Gift Card
  3. Third Place  $200 Co-op Gift Card

How to Enter

For every $25.00 you spend at the Nipawin Food Store between January 3rd  January 31st, you'll get your card stamped.  Stamp cards can be picked up from a cashier when you checkout.

After 6 stamps, you can enter to be 1 of 3 finalists in The Grocery Challenge Event.  Don't forget to ask for another card!